Upon receiving your forks it is now time to correctly install them for optimum performance...


First of all remove all triple clamp pinch bolts, clean and lightly oil all threads. Ensure there is no dirt or contaminants and that the fork slides through the triple clamp freely.


Set forks to specified height and TORQUE all pinch bolts to manufacturers specification. Never over tighten the triple clamp bolts as the fork tubes are very thin and will easily distort. Your fork bushings travel past the lower triple clamp mount and can bind if the clamp is over tightened and cause the fork to be harsh.


Clean and grease wheel bearing seals and front axel. Make sure your axel has no bures on the end so that forks can be aligned correctly. Install front wheel and tighten the axel nut plus left side axel pinch bolts to manufacturers specification.


Make sure your right fork leg will slide easily along the axel. Remove your bike from the stand and hold on the front break whilst pushing firmly down to compress the forks and set the leg on the axel in its natural position. Ensuring the forks are not binding. Tighten pinch bolts to manufacturers specification.