To maintain optimum performance of your suspension routine maintenance is required.


If you are wanting the absolute most from your suspension it should be serviced at a minimum of every 10 hours. However this becomes increasingly costly and therefore we recommend a maximum of 30 to 40 hours ride time front and rear.  


Oil over time gradually breaks down and is contaminated with swarf, moisture and gasification. This results in a loss of damping control especially when hot and if left over a period of time will cause increased wear on all suspension compenents.  


If you think 'im not that fast' and 'I dont push it that hard'... think again.  It is true the faster you are the more frequent the servicing should be but all suspension requires a minimum of care no matter your speed and riding disapline.


Your linkage, swing arm and steering bearings should also be part of the routine maintainace schedule being an integral part of the way your suspension and bike perform.  If you use a high pressure washer or continually ride in mud the service intervals will be shorter.  


All of these bearings should be disasembled, cleaned and regreased every 15 to 20 hrs with the lower shock bearing being at least every 3 to 5 hours.   The lower shock bearing has the most load and therefore requires constant attention.