You can spend all the money in the world on after market hop up kits for your ride, pay top money to train with the best, buy the newest bikes on the market, and even keep an arsenal of perfect tires on hand... yet non of that will be worth much if your bikes suspension is not dialled in properly. Suspension and handling are always more critical than raw horsepower and torque.


Suspension plays a huge role in the overall feel of your bike; the way it handles and your confidence on the track. Underperforming suspension affects every aspect of your bikes performance. Braking, acceleration, taking off, landing, stability and cornering – not to mention arm pump and overall rider fatigue and comfort – are all heavily influenced by the performance of your suspension.


Motorcycles are sent to us with suspension settings designed to suit a wide variety of riders weights and abilities. Whether you are 65kg to 95kgs, a novice or pro level rider, you can purchase a bike from a dealers showroom and take it out and ride it. The disadvantage being that in most cases the bike will have an poor ride quality effecting the riding experience and safety.


Having your bike set up perfectly for your weight, ability and preferences improves your riding performance, race finishes and overall enjoyment.


Mspecs suspension services include complete suspension disassembly, cleaning and inspection. Worn parts are replaced then modifications made to the damping system. 


Testing is completed with some of New Zealands top riders on a range of tracks so we understand the balance and characteristics of each bike.  This provides a good base to work with when personalising your setup! 


Over and above the base set up we also offer trackside assistance to fine tune your suspension characteristics tayloring specifically to you. This cost is over and above base set up cost and is calculated by travel and time requirments. If this is something you are interested in give us a call!


Mspec specialises in customising motorcycle suspension to suit individual owners profiles and needs. The result is a dramatic change in ride quality, performance and feel.